The Best 5 Products to Shop for This Black Friday

The weather is getting colder, the nights are getting darker, and black Friday is approaching. This means huge deals on everything from electronics to furniture to clothes. There will be specific items that get huge mark downs as well as many retailers that will offer sweeping deals across the board. So the question nowadays isn’t really what item is getting a deal, the question is what should I buy for the holidays? Here is our top buying guide for the holidays.

Television – LG 65” Class 4k UHD OLED Smart TV

Televisions have always been a classic black Friday item to look for. The technology is constantly changing and television prices can get incredibly high.

That being said, new televisions have 4k resolution options, which are significantly higher than the previous generation, and they also come with OLED technology. This technology uses special pixels that are self-lit instead of backlit, meaning they have a much higher contrast than conventional LED and LCD screens with over a billion colors.

The only downside is that these new televisions are usually very expensive. So, look out for these models to come down in price come black Friday.

Laptop – M2 Macbook Pro 2022

One last mention for big savings in electronics for Black Friday of course has to be laptops. Yet another category with endless options to choose from and constantly upgraded technology, most major manufacturers and retailers will try and promote their latest products as well as offload their earlier products over black Friday.

Check out the biggest spots like Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon to see savings on many different laptops. Our suggestion would be the latest Macbook from Apple with the upgraded M2 chip. Now the fastest portable computer they make, expect at least $150 dollars worth of savings when you buy during Black Friday.

Bedroom comfort – Layla Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have soared in popularity over recent years, and now many different manufacturers, including mattress manufacturers, have joined in with their own models.

As the name implies, weighted blankets are blankets specifically made to be much heavier than the usual models, usually by adding plastic pellets. Some are a couple pounds heavier, and some can weigh over 30 pounds.

These are not only very warm and comfortable, but the added pressure actually has a lot of benefits through “pressure therapy.” Adding more pressure to your body gives the sensation of feeling hugged or swaddled and can lower your heart rate and relieve stress, helping with anxiety and sleep. These blankets are popular for a reason, and they can also be very expensive. A larger, heavier model from one of the leading manufacturers can easily cost more than $100.

Look for big markdowns on black Friday for your chance to try out one of these popular blankets without wiping out your savings.

Subscription Boxes – Blue Apron

A relatively new phenomenon has been subscription boxes. These have gained so much popularity in recent years that you can find a subscription box for just about anything: books, travel gear, cosmetics, and food. Check out our article on the best meal delivery subscriptions right here.

. As the name implies, these companies grow their business by growing the amount of subscribing customers. Therefore, Black Friday will be a huge opportunity for them to get more customers through the door with massive deals to entice you to sign up.

Our suggestion is Blue Apron, a meal delivery service that will be giving out a huge $180 dollar credit toward your subscription.


This category is way too broad to make a single suggestion, but one huge thing to look out for on black Friday is mark downs on clothing. From huge retailers like J.C Penny or Macys, to online retailers popping up left and right like Loft, Zappos, or even Target.

Check out this article from for a full list on the best online retailers available today.

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