Shop For the Deals, Not the Product

We have covered all the ways you can easily find rewards, coupons and discounts when shopping online as soon as you click checkout. But what about the times when you want to buy something because there is a coupon or discount? Maybe you wouldn’t spend time looking for new shoes normally, but you might take a look if you knew there was a discount beforehand.

This is a totally different way to shop – and necessitates a different set of resources. Keep reading to see our top picks for discount hunting.

Search by store, coupon type, or discount type: RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is your one-stop-shop for all manner of discounts and coupons. They aggregate a massive number (over 78,000) of deals that you can search for in a few different ways. Browse their entire list until you see something you like, or filter results by the store you’re interested in, the type of discount, or the type of coupon. You can spend hours finding crazy deals you never would have thought to look for. We know we did!

Turn to the community to hear about deals:

Instead of relying on a company to put together the latest deals, turn to , where the community will post all of the deals they can find, and then vote them up or down depending on how good they are. This way you can be sure that most of the time you will be the first to hear about the best deals.

If browsing the frontpage is not quick enough for you, you can also sign up for deal alerts. Want to hear when the latest Apple product goes on sale or has a coupon code? Just save a deal alert for Apple products and get a notification the second a new deal comes through.

Find a deal for just about everything: Groupon

Groupon must be the ultimate example of finding what you want through discounts, instead of the other way around. They have a massive selection of deals and discounts in every conceivable category, from physical goods, to things to do, to automotive. You can even search based on your current location!

Groupon has been around for over 10 years now, and the company has had some ups and downs. Most people are probably aware of the site at this point, and reviews will vary wildly. The original idea was to offer a “deal of the day” for customers before converting to a broader marketplace. They have made huge changes since opening their doors, and have now become one of the most trusted sources for providing deals.

Many customers actually use Groupon to find things to do and find new products to buy. The concept is simple, Groupon will put out a deal based on a set amount of people that can claim it. In this way, you save huge as a customer, and companies can broadcast their services for cheap, knowing that only a limited amount of people can cash in. So start browsing and act fast!

Cut the shipping costs:

While finding a juicy discount or a huge coupon code is rewarding, the savviest shoppers know that the biggest hidden costs are for shipping. We all know how it works, you find something you like, the price looks good, and then right before you click “confirm” you see the added shipping cost that can add upwards of 20% more to the price tag! This is why might just be the site to save you the most money.

As the name implies, focuses their attention on finding products that don’t require you to pay for shipping. It may not be as sexy as getting a 50% off coupon for a new tv, but you will end up saving more than you expect, especially on heavier, more expensive products.

Not sure what exactly you’re looking for? – Brad’s Deals

There are tons and tons of coupon and discount aggregators out there. We have tried to put up our favorites that have a unique angle to them, but you will certainly find deals on any of these sites that have pages upon pages of deals littering the page.

Brad’s Deals is the same basic concept with a couple notable differences. First and foremost, the site layout is not as overwhelming as a lot of the competition. It is simple, easy to navigate, and does not bombard you with popups and flashing images.

The next big point of difference is that the site editors take the time to do a write up of each deal detailing how the deal works and their thoughts on the product. Furthermore, they offer a shopping guide for all of these deals. Not sure exactly what you’re looking for? Take a look at one of the guides to see exactly what they’ve found and how it fits into a specific category.

Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to find new coupons and discounts, you can easily google the words and find tons of results. However, you will most likely find lots of crowded sites that are difficult to navigate, have a ton of coupons that don’t work, or come with some hidden stipulations when you actually try to use it.

We have taken the time to pick out some winners, but we are always open to feedback. Have you tried these out and had some success? Have you found some other resources that work even better? Let us know in the comments below!

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