Are you still trying to prepare for St. Patrick's Day? We've Got You Covered

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and while you might be looking forward to wearing green, dancing the night away, and raising a pint of Guinness to Ireland, you may also be scratching your head trying to figure out the best way to prepare and celebrate.

Don’t worry, we are here to help. From costume ideas to activities to Irish dishes and drinks, we’ve got you covered on exactly how to celebrate.

Costumes and Accessories

When we think of dressing up for St. Patrick’s Day we of course think of the color green. While you can obviously put on your best green shirt, there are tons of other options to spice things up for the holiday.

One easy accessory is the shamrock. These can be made into hats, necklaces, and pins. It might be a last second decision, but every large retailer will be bursting at the seams with St. Paddy’s Day attire for the occasion. Just check out Walmart for all of their selections.


The most common St. Patrick’s Day celebration is of course drinking with friends. From bar crawls to house parties, there are endless opportunities to celebrate with a drink. While a pint of Guinness might be exactly what you’re in the mood for, why not spice things up with some St. Patrick’s Day themed cocktails? These can be Irish themed such as Irish Coffee or an Irish Mule, or of course a green drink! Think Midori Sour, Boozy Shamrock Shake, or even green beer! Check out this article from Delish for more cocktail recipes.


St. Patrick’s Day is not only a great occasion to celebrate Irish culture with drinking and partying but is also a perfect time to try some Irish cuisine. This isn’t just meat and potato stew, but includes tasty recipes like Irish coddle, soda bread, colcannon, and Shepherd’s pie. Take a look at this recipe list from Food Network for inspiration!


If you’re looking to embrace the holiday in a more meaningful way than just dressing up in green and partying, this is the perfect opportunity to soak up some Irish culture.

Let’s start with music. Instead of just going to the same old bars with a new occasion to party, how about spending your time at authentic Irish pubs and cultural events, where you can enjoy the vibrant genre ranging from traditional folk tunes to modern rock. Dance the Irish Jig, listen to traditional instruments like the tin whistle or Bodhran, or join in on one of the many Irish pub songs.

There are many ways beyond music to connect with Irish communities. Attend local parades, festivals and dance events to get a true taste of the Irish experience. Drown the Shamrock in the final pint of the night, attend a céilí, or join a Shamrock ball. Check out Eventbrite for St. Patty’s Day cultural events in your neighborhood!

Feeling Festive Yet?

The possibilities for fun on St. Patty’s Day are really endless. The only thing you should be worried about is having a good time and celebrating the culture. Whether that takes the form of drinking and dancing or trying to learn more about the roots of the holiday, the choice is yours. Just remember to wear something green and figure out what you want to do before everything is filled up or sold out!

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