Are You Overpaying? Time to Check Your Finances With These 6 Must-Know Tips

Now is never a bad time for a quick peek at your finances. We all know how easy it is to sign-up for things nowadays. If you’re like us you probably have a few subscriptions you don’t use anymore and a few you haven’t taken a look at in a long, long time. Now we aren’t telling you to pull out those crumpled receipts you’ve been storing for the past 3 years. On the contrary, there are now resources to do the work for you and see if you’re overspending!

1. Cut Out Those Pesky Subscriptions

There seems to be a new app or service offering free trials and promotional sign-ups every day. The deals might be good, but you usually end up getting billed for subscriptions you don’t even remember signing up for! So, what is there to do? Check your bank account everyday just in case a new charge comes through? Try Truebill instead. Truebill is an app that will track all of your automated spending and can help you cancel all of these subscriptions you’re not aware of. Truebill will also help you track upcoming bills and help you save!

2. Ditch your TV Provider

Are you paying for cable? If you are, we are willing to bet you’re not watching EVERY channel you pay for. Instead of paying for an entire cable package, you can cut the cord and save huge by buying only the channels you want to watch. Check out Sling TV to view their package options, or try one of their competitors such as Hulu , Philo , YouTube TV or FuboTV .

3. Keep your phone, keep your coverage, start paying a lot less.

When is the last time you got a competitor’s quote for your cell phone bill or any of the insurance you pay? You may hear all the commercials, “you can save $500 by switching to X!” But how often do you actually take the time to login to all your accounts, or reach out to competitors to get a quote that is often attached to an aggressive sales pitch?

Let’s start with cell phones. Everyone is familiar with the big players: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. They have tons of money and offer the latest phones if you sign up for a long, rigid contract. If you are looking to save some money, there are actually a number of smaller companies that use much of the same infrastructure as the big ones, and offer service for the same new phones at a much smaller price point with a much more flexible contract; some of these companies even offer plans that don’t require a contract at all! Check out Boost Mobile , Cricket Wireless , Metro PCS or Ting .

4. Time to double-check your insurance rates (without doing hours of research)

Now let’s talk about all the different insurance you already pay for. When is the last time you’ve compared what you’re paying to what the competitors offer? How about the last time you compared the coverage you can get and read through all of the accompanying details and stipulations? We are guessing it has been a while. Not only is it a complicated comparison, but it is also a massive pain in the ass to do all those calculations. It would be amazing if you could save hundreds a year, but we also know it takes quite a bit of time to do your homework. Now there is an easy way to do it. For car insurance, check out The Zebra . This online search engine will do the work for you and will list options from over 200 providers, so you can see your best deal without pouring over volumes of data.

For every other type of major insurance, check out Insurify or PolicyGenius . Both sites are free insurance comparison engines that provide real time quotes. Just type in your information and let the sites do the research for you!

5. Cut your interest rates on your credit card

If you fall into the 47% of Americans that carry a balance on your credit card, you have to pay off interest on the card before you actually start paying off what you’ve spent. Now for the most part, the amount of interest you pay is based on your credit score; but even if you have a good score, average credit card interest rates have increased 35% over the past 5 years. According to, the average APR in 2021 was as high as 16.44% . Tack on penalties for late payments and increases in the APR for a drop in credit score, you may be paying a much higher interest rate on your current card than you need to. Think there might be a better card for your current needs? Check out Fiona . Fiona is a financial services company that, among other things, can list all the credit card options you have available based on credit rating, card purpose, and card network.

6. Find coupons and cash-back without the hassle

There are so many easy ways to save money when you shop, we could probably write a whole other article about earning reward points, coupons, and cash back. So go ahead and check out this whole other article we wrote about it!

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