4 Different Places to Make Money Online, And Where To Find Them

You’ve signed up for the freebies and are waiting for them to arrive. You have completed the surveys and collected your rewards, and you’ve signed up for all the contests you can find and are waiting patiently for the results. But you’re STILL looking for ways to make a few extra bucks while you’re sitting at the computer. Well look no further, because we have put together the 4 best ways to make money sitting at your computer – complete with the top websites offering each service.

Micro Jobs: Amazon Mechanical Turk , Clickworker

Let’s start small. Micro jobs are very basic tasks that will pay a very small fee. Many of these are online tasks such as rating search results when you type in a keyword, picking the appropriate category for a product, or selecting the correct spelling.

Most of these jobs will pay a dollar or two upon completion, but the point of these micro jobs is that they are easy. If you really want to spend some time you can knock out tons of these little jobs all at once. Check out Amazon Mechanical Turk or Clickworker and see what is available.

User Testing: Userlytics , TryMyUI , Userfeel

Many companies will turn to the public to help them test out their new websites and apps. This does not mean they are looking for coders to do any heavy lifting, but rather for the average customer (no technical skills necessary) to run through their sites and make sure the pages load, the buttons work, the pictures show up, etc.

Userlytics is one such company that will match up people with companies looking for testers. You can stand to make upwards of 60 dollars per test, but you will most likely have to have a camera available or be open to having your screen recorded. Userfeel operates in much the same way, most tests will require a webcam and a microphone so the company can monitor your progress, but it is an easy way to make $10 for 20 minutes of your time.

TryMyUI is one more option to try, and they also offer some written tests, which means you will not have to worry about being recorded while you take the test. They do however ask you to fill out as questionnaire to see if you fit the target demographic.

Like anything else, there is a limited amount of tests available at any given time, and many will be first come first serve, so make sure you check the sites frequently or even set up email reminders.

Sell Stuff Online: Amazon Trade-In , Letgo , Craigslist , Decluttr , Bookscouter , foap

This is your opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: Get rid of the stuff you don’t want anymore, and actually make some money at the same time.

Amazon Trade-In is a great place to start. Trade in thousands of qualified items and receive Amazon gift cards in return.

Looking for payment other than gift cards? Try Letgo or Craigslist . Both sites allow you to list pretty much anything you can think of and receive payment in whichever form you and the buyer agree on. Just make sure to read the community guidelines to make sure you’re staying safe and not getting scammed when you make a deal.

If you are specifically looking for a place to unload all of your old electronics, look into Decluttr . Not only do they provide a platform to sell your old tech gear, but they also allow you to look up your gear by product name or barcode to get an instant valuation.

Do you have any old books or textbooks loading down your shelves that you’re never going to touch again? Check out Bookscouter . This site allows you to sell those old used books for the most money by comparing offers from over 35 vendors every time you list.

Go ahead and check your photo gallery on your phone. How many pictures and videos are on there that are just taking up space? Well instead of pressing delete, try uploading them to foap . This site will allow you to post any of your pictures and videos on the site, and whenever anyone – a company, agency, or individual – likes your content, they can buy it right off the site and you will split the profits 50-50 with foap.

Miscellaneous Online Tasks: Inbox Dollars , eJury , etc.

We will endlessly search for paid surveys and other online opportunities, but every now and again we will find sites willing to pay a little more than micro tasks for different things they need done online. We could make this list a hundred pages long, but here are a couple sites worth checking out.

Inbox Dollars is one such site that not only offers paid surveys, but also other online activities such as watching videos, playing games, and even reading emails.

eJury is another interesting option to consider. Lawyers will pay online participants to join a “mock jury” wherein the lawyer will present a case to get ready for a real trial. If you are not a practicing lawyer and have never been convicted of a felony, you can make 5-10 bucks just for reviewing the case!

Like all paid online opportunities, listen to your gut. We will always share the best online offers we can find, but if you stumble across something that seems to good to be true (pays $100 for watching a video, receive a car for signing up, etc.) it probably is.

Why Should You Listen to Us?

We don’t have state-of-the-art labs for testing or a fancy algorithm that can crunch mountains of data. Instead, we simply turn to the people that do! Our method is to look at every method, and we do this by researching the researchers and reviewing the reviewers. Did an expert rate something highly for its ease of use, but the user reviews say it was difficult? Did something get a low score on one site, but is at the top of the list on three more? The amount of options to choose from can be overwhelming, but the amount of reviews has become overwhelming too. We compare and contrast the data from the major reviewers and come up with our own take on what is right for you.

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